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FSAN holds the annual meeting of its members

The board of directors of the Federation of Somali Association in the Netherlands (FSAN) and its member organizations of the Somali community held their annual meeting in Amsterdam on 21 November 2021 as the conference was postponed earlier due to the corona ban – the committee reported on the activities of the umbrella and its achievements over the years.

In the opening statement, Ali Ware, the president of FSAN said the organization has done a lot in the field of community awareness and the outcome of meetings with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health, and Social Affairs.

Ali said FSAN has been working with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on a project to create jobs for the Somali people, especially those receiving social benefits, which he said has been successfully piloted.

He also said that FSAN has in recent years been instrumental in helping those affected by the drought and floods in Somalia, with the Somali community in the Netherlands raising thousands of Euros to help them.

Mohammed Said, FSAN’s secretary-general, gave a detailed report on the organization’s successes in the project, such as the anti-female circumcision campaign conducted by Zahra S. Naleie, the head of FSAN’s gender programs, without it he said the project would not have been implemented.

He gave details of FSAN’s efforts to obtain and secure ANBI certification that allows the umbrella to legally fundraise in the event of emergencies and the CBF’s declaration which shows that FSAN is recognized as an accountable charity and its activities are transparent.

Ahmed Abdulwahab, FSAN Treasurer, spoke about the financial activities of the umbrella and the process it goes through when it comes to paying salaries or operating expenses such as bonuses for volunteers.

During this meeting, the participants and the board of directors exchanged views on future developments and recommendations for the ongoing work.

There were three new organizations that joined the umbrella, and their applications were accepted, namely;

• Stichting Xidig

• Jamaal Elmi Foundation

• Somalische Federatie Organisatie Nederland

Finally, in the meeting, it was agreed on the timing of the general elections of the FSAN board of members and it was set to be in January 2022. But only those who pay the annual contribution fee will have the right to vote non-payee organizations may apply for exemption, but they should follow the process.